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CHOCOCRU® Extraordinary Flavanol Chocolate and Cocoa Products

A Note from the Founder and Director of CHOCOCRU®

CHOCOCRU® Extraordinary Flavanol Cocoa is a delicious cocoa. Unlike most standard cocoa powders it is uniquely high in flavanols – maintaining 80% of the flavanols of the cocoa bean. Each 5g teaspoon provides 415mg flavanol antioxidants.

This 100% pure, high flavanol cocoa can be used for comforting hot drinks, refreshing, nutritious ice cold smoothies, as well as enhancing the flavour and nutrients in sweet and savoury dishes.

This high flavanol, functional cocoa is used to enrich our natural, chocolate specialties, made in a unique way using quality ingredients with creamy bases made using pure blends of nuts and fruit. Where possible we replace simple sugars with fruit extracts and flavour with essential oils. These delicious combinations are used in place of the typical, traditional fats, sugars and synthetic flavourings, typical of many filled chocolates.

CHOCOCRU® Extraordinary Flavanol Cocoa, unlike standard cocoas, is non – alkalised. It is produced naturally and carefully, to promote the stability and preservation of the richest known source of flavanols which are found in the cocoa bean. Typical alkalisation involved in conventional cocoa making is one stage in the production process which contributes to a reduction of flavanols. CHOCOCRU® Extraordinary Flavanol Cocoa, does NOT include this stage in production process.

CHOCOCRU® Extraordinary Flavanol Cocoa is also fat reduced, containing only 11% cocoa butter compared to the average 24% cocoa butter found in standard cocoas.

Cocoa flavanols are considered to be the most powerful antioxidants in existence, with wide ranging benefits. Already there have been impressive and interesting studies indicating the beneficial capacity of flavanol rich cocoa. This has directed the way for ongoing research, fuelled by encouraging results in the fields of cognition, cardiovascular and skin health. Each new piece of research, paves the way for more questions, research fields and more accuracy in methodology, which may lead to future significant studies indicating the positive benefits not only of cocoa flavanols, but of the hundreds of other chemical compounds found naturally in the cocoa bean.

For more information and latest conclusions on cocoa flavanols visit the website of European Food Safety Authority www.efsa.europa.eu

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Founder and Company Director