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High Flavanol Cocoa helps to maintain healthy blood pressure

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High Flavanol Cocoa helps to maintain healthy blood pressure

4 November 2008 –  Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.
High Flavanol Cocoa helps to maintain healthy blood pressure.
CHOCOCRU® Extraordinary Cocoa and Chocolate, rich in cocoa flavanols, is good for your wellbeing without compromising on taste.
Enjoying a daily serving of 17g of CHOCOCRU® EXTRAORDINARY Chocolate or 5g CHOCOCRU Extraordinary Cocoa for 2 weeks helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure.
CHOCOCRU® has several products including Cocoa and Chocolate which contains a minimum guaranteed level of flavanols, beneficial to health.
CHOCOCRU® Extraordinary Dark Chocolate and Cocoa, contributes to maintaining a healthy blood pressure. This confirms earlier studies conducted.
Daily consumption of 17g of flavanol
dark chocolate which contains 500mg of
Antioxidant rich flavanols (as found in
CHOCOCRU® chocolate and cocoa),
for 2 weeks helps maintain healthy blood
Two test groups1 consumed a small portion of dark flavanol rich chocolate such as the levels found in CHOCOCRU® Cocoa and chocolate , every day for two weeks. For the first group, the portion of flavanol rich chocolate contained 500 mg cocoa flavanols, for the second, 1000 mg cocoa flavanols. After two weeks, both groups, independent of the dose, displayed significantly reduced blood pressure.
A reduction of 7 points was observed in systolic and 5 points in diastolic blood pressure: expressed as a reduction of 7/5mm of mercury. This reduction has a proven, beneficial effect on our health as a reduction in blood pressure of 7/5 mmHg reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is underwritten by cardiologists the world over. 2

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