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High Flavanol Cocoa and Chocolate significantly improves skin elasticity

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High Flavanol Cocoa and Chocolate significantly improves skin elasticity

  • Recent study provides evidence that high flavanol cocoa and chocolate such as that used in CHOCOCRU® Extraordinary Flavanol products has anti-aging properties.
  • One teaspoon of CHOCOCRU® Extraordinary Flavanol Cocoa is enough to achieve positive improvements in skin elasticity.

Recent studies published, announces the results of a recent clinical trial into the anti-aging properties of rich antioxidant cocoa and chocolate products such as those used in CHOCOCRU® Extraordinary Flavanol products. The study, conducted by Skin Investigation and Technology (SIT) Research Centre in Hamburg, Germany, demonstrates that consuming 300mg of cocoa flavanols (as found in less than one teaspoon of CHOCOCRU® Extraordinary Flavanol Cocoa), twice a day, significantly increases the elasticity of the skin.

Maria Constantinou of CHOCOCRU® comments that the “excellent results of this study add further weight to the anti-aging properties of flavanol rich cocoa and chocolate. CHOCOCRU® chocolate and cocoa is made using special and careful processing techniques, which preserves one of the worlds richest known sources of flavanols derived from the cocoa bean. This makes our chocolate and cocoa one of the richest in powerful, flavanol antioxidants. We are now closer to understanding how these flavanols nourish the skin from the inside – out and how we can protect skin against damaging environmental influences which includes exposure to the sun and the internal effects of free radicals”.

In this most recent long-term, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study, the potential effect of an oral supplement based on cocoa flavanols on skin elasticity was investigated with a non-invasive topical device. 30 participants were allocated to either the cocoa flavanol group or the placebo group over a period of 6 months. Subjects in the cocoa flavanol group were given two cocoa extract supplements per day, each containing 300mg of cocoa flavanols, while the volunteers from the placebo group were given 2 tablets in which the cocoa extract was replaced by microcrystalline cellulose.

The tests revealed a significant and sustained improvement in skin elasticity amongst participants from the cocoa flavanol group of up to 34% after 6 months. Even when adjusted for the natural improvement in elasticity commonly observed between winter and summer months, the net increase in this group was still 12.5% higher than in the placebo group after 6 months. The changes in the dermal skin layer, causes our skin to lose its elasticity and form wrinkles. The oral intake of cocoa extract, as a natural source of cocoa flavanols, seems to be a promising alternative to existing skin creams aimed at improving elasticity. The consumption of two times 300mg flavanols a day on a continuous basis helps maintain a good skin elasticity when consumed as part of a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. This positive effect of cocoa flavanols is most likely related to deeper (dermal) changes, which take longer to have a visible effect.

“The results are comparable with those achieved by leading cosmetics products. The difference here, however, is that the effect comes from ‘within’ and is consequently observed over the whole body,” Says Dr. Joachim Degwert, President SIT (Skin Investigation und Technology Hamburg).

Along with decreased hydration of the epidermis, decrease in elasticity is one of the phenomena most commonly associated with aging skin. A less elastic skin is also typically seen in heavy smokers. The improvement of elasticity observed in this recent study is thought to result from the activity of antioxidant flavanols contained in flavanol antioxidant rich cocoa and chocolate has an effect on the elastic fibers within the dermis or deep skin layer. This recent study is part of mounting evidence of the anti-aging properties of specialised cocoa products, offers beauty from within, thanks to the natural, goodness of the cocoa bean.

CHOCOCRU® Extraordinary Flavanol Cocoa, is the outcome of years of research into ways of preserving cocoa flavanols in chocolate and is used in CHOCOCRU® Extraordinary Flavanol products. Scientifically proven to be the most powerful antioxidants in existence with wide-ranging benefits for human health, cocoa flavanols are nonetheless mostly destroyed during the conventional chocolate-making process. CHOCOCRU® Extraordinary Flavanol Cocoa, however, succeeds in preserving up to 80% of the flavanol content of raw cocoa and is one of the richest known sources of powerful flavanol antioxidants.

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